AUTO SHOW - 18/10/2022

On October 18th, the annual automotive industry meeting took place at Portes de Versailles in Paris, at the same time as the Paris Motor Show.

This Auto Show, called ParisAutomotiveSummit, gathered the leaders of Renault, Stellantis and Valeo around Luc Chatel, president of the « PFA » (Automotive Platform)

Furthermore, and for the first time, the BYD chinese manufacturer’s chief executive Europe (Build Your Dreams) laid out its strategy, thereby confirming the rise of chinese manufacturers at the Paris Motor Show,  in parallel of french leaders.

The French Economic and Financial Affairs Minister, Bruno Lemaire, emphasized that the electric turn has now begun, bringing with it numerous challenges, whether it be industrial, energetic or relative to the purchasing power.

The show was reduced to three halls, and saw the absence of German manufacturers. After the conference, we could only note the push from electrical véhicules, from the micro mobility scene, and from the Chinese automotive industry.

Needless to say that the more skeptical will point out the technology barriers to overcome in order to reach the ambitious electrification level approuved by Europe.

It appears that the industrial shift bringing the end of the combustion engine by 2035 has well and truly started.