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Forging techniques

Hot die forging

Hot die forging consists in shaping blanks, after prior heating, by pressing them between two blocks (the dies) with moulds of the preliminary or the near-net shape of the product to  be manufactured. The hot forging temperatures lie around 1250° C for a carbon steel.

Warm extrusion

The warm extrusion process combines the advantages of hot forging forge-ability, with those of cold forging – lack of oxidation and dimensional accuracy.
For carbon steels, the working temperature lies between 600° and 800°C so as to work at the highest possible temperature without exceeding the recrystallization temperature.

The high ductility of the material at this temperature makes it possible to reduce the number of operations and to avoid possible intermediate annealing.
This  process is particularly suitable for axially symmetric parts.

Heat treatment

Surface treatment