The 5th haute-marne industrial expertise meeting in chaumont on the 17th and 18th june 2016

The 5th Haute-Marne Industrial Expertise Meeting took place in Chaumont on the 17th and 18th June.

Over 60 exhibitors met on the occasion. There were industrials, associations, training providers as well as graphic designers given that this year’s theme was “Graphic designers in the Industry”. 3 lectures were hold.

The meeting has been inaugurated on the 17th June in attendance of Ms Françoise SOULIMAN (Haute-Marne Departmental Prefet), Mr Luc CHATEL (Haute-Marne First District Deputy), Ms Christine GUILLEMY (Mayor of Chaumont) and Ms Anne-Marie NEDELEC (Mayor of Nogent). They all highlighted the area companies’ dynamism regarding industrial professions promotion as well as the importance of the UTT local branch.

The meeting gathered a thousand attendees.